A little about me

First of all thanks for stopping by,

You might have seen me in this last years Amateur MasterChef, (2018) where I made it to the Semi-finals. I've always been a huge fan of the show so to actually make it on was a dream come true

A little about me :

Born into a French /Ukrainian family from an early age food played a huge part in my life, my mum was a terrific cook, she taught me so much.

She had a real gift for cooking, which inspired me to learn and become a better cook myself.

It wasn’t really until my early 30's that I started to become really obsessed with cooking. I saw Ferran Adria working on Spanish television and I was completely hooked. Mind. Blown.

He was the Punk Rocker of cuisine and started a revolution that would change peoples perceptions of how food should 'be'.

Over the years I have developed a style that is heavily influenced by French and Spanish classics with a twist of Asian flavours and techniques.